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Our mission: comprehensibility. We want to improve understanding between businesses and customers. We want banks and insurance agencies to communicate clearly with customers. And we want to help develop letters from government agencies that really resonate with their readers.

We are sure about one thing. Life is just plain easier with clear communication. And all of our efforts are more successful.

Our claim: Measurability. We want to improve communication, but not just “somehow.” We want to improve it in ways that can be verified and measured. Our scientific work methods reflect this commitment. Thanks to our objective analyses and parameters, we can clearly verify whether a text is simple or difficult to understand. These fundamental methods allow a constant high quality for revising and creating texts.

Your bonus: Our zeal. We want to make each text as clear, modern, individual and comprehensible as possible. Simply put, we love language. We gladly take on each new project, whether it involves text building blocks, website text or AGB documents. The trickier the task, the better: that just spurs us on.